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If the watch were made of 100% ceramic then: 1) It would not be as durable as it is now; We would have been unable satin polish the watch and bevel it. The watch would shatter under such stress. It wouldn't be as comfortable or light to wear because, as you know, using this much ceramic for an entire watch could have resulted into a heavy watch."

The caseback of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar in white ceramic showing the calibre 2120

What took Cartier Santos Replica so long, with all this know-how locked in? Why didn't they release a ceramic perpetual calendar that was white? It was about finding the perfect shade of white and the visual impact of the calendar had to be absolutely spot on. The black ceramic version also needed time to expand.

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Self-winding Calibre 5134; perpetual calendar; week, day, date; astronomical lunar month;replica watches leCartier Santos Replica year; hours, minutes, and power reserve; 40-hours.

Case Study

Water resistant up to 20m for 41mm white ceramic

StrCartier Santos Replica

White ceramic bracelet with titanium Cartier Santos Replica clasp

Price: CHF94,300

The production version of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar ultra-Thin is now available.

There's still more. The Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar ultra-Thin was announced at SIHH 2018. I won't go in to too much detail, but this article is very comprehensive.

The watch was revolutionary in terms of sexiness,chopard replica watches watchmaking and all around for Cartier Santos Replica. But the RD#2 is just a prototype. This was until now.

Royal Oak Perpetual calendar Ultra-Thin

The Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar ultra-thin is the production version. This watch is not yet on the Cartier Santos Replica site, but you can find plenty of high-resolution images online with all the technical specs.